My celery drawing


In USA and some countries people eat mostly green parts of the celery. In this countries when you say celery, people imagine green parts of them in their mind. And in some countries,like Europe or Mideast people eat mostly celery root and use his leaves as spice. In this countries people imagine only its root for celery word. This is my whole celery. I use in the kitchen all of them.

Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year

🙂 I wish to all the word merry Christmas and happy new year. 🙂

Belly dancer

belly dancer low


This is my belly dancer. Belly dancers are very popular for tourists who travel in Mideast. If you are a tourist, you can watch them in touristic shows and find some costumes in tourist shops.  I made this with calligraphic pens on a special yellow paper. The paper has his own texture. I haven’t yet a decision about painting. But I think this simple form looks nice. May be I can draw another one for trying a painted version.


carrots drawing

Genetic engineers play with our foods. They have their own stories about productivity and more food. But I don’t like eating engineered foods. And we lose a lot of taste and species. When I was a child, in my country there was more than 20 different kind of oranges. Now There are only one kind of orange everywhere. Do you now the taste of white, yellow and red carrots? I am sure they will continue to play with our foods for small benefits. In the future, maybe we can find cube shaped vegetables for ease of transport and packing.

The Beginning

Hello, This is my first post. I am an amateur about drawing. I studied art history and drawing is my past time. My drawings aren’t amazing or great art works. But I like share them. With this blog I am aiming sharing my drawings. I hope you like them. If you like use them please write a comment and give a link to my blog.

A lady going to the bazaar.

Here my bald lady. She is going to the bazaar. Bazaars are old shopping centers, popular in a lot of country. First I made a simple ink drawing. After I painted them on computer.