Wild animals


Wild animals are beauty of the nature. Please don’t kill them. Is hunting a sport ??? Hunting is killing for pleasure. Can you accept a man who enjoy from killing as a sportsman. Today nobody goes to hunting for their food needs. Hunting equipment is very expensive. Instead of hunting, hunters can buy and eat everything they need. Bullets are more expensive than chickens. Please don’t kill innocent animals for your pleasure of killing. 

Kavala Town Hall

Kavala town hall

I was in Kavala before 8 – 10 years ago. The town hall of Kavala is one of the most impressive buildings of the town. It is architectural style is completely foreign to the area of Kavala. It is often said to be a miniature of the tower of Hungary  and must have been built at the end of the 1890’s.

I draw this building  simplified miniature style .I used a yellow textured paper and ink pens.